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Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy (SPCPA) was founded in 1919 and is now the oldest institution of higher pharmaceutical education in Russia. The Academy has been training international students for over 50 years. The graduates of the Academy work in more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Academy has available necessary classroom facilities and laboratories, nurseries of medicinal plants, reading rooms, up-to-date apparatus and equipment for research, computer classes, hooked up to the Internet. At present foreign citizens from 21 countries are taught at the Academy, making up 25% of the whole number of students. They include students from Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Venezuela, Peru, China, and others.

The Academy is the leading higher educational establishment in the field of general and industrial pharmacy, having the highest rating among institutions of higher pharmaceutical education in Russia. 75% of the faculty members have PhD and DSc degrees. They include great scientists widely known both in Russia and abroad. The departments and research laboratories (sectors) of the Academy carry on investigations in various fields of applied and fundamental sciences related to pharmacy.

The Academy provides education in Russian language in two faculties:

Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Drug Industrial Technology.

Period of study at both faculties is 5 years.

Having graduated with MSc, foreign students may apply for the PhD postgraduate study with duration of 3 years.

The academic year is divided into two semesters, starting in September and February. The entry date is September the 1st.

Faculty of Pharmacy trains Masters of Pharmacy: highly qualified pharmacists-technologists, pharmacists-analysts, specialists in pharmacy administration. The departments of the Faculty take into account the specific nature of work of the prospective graduates and introduce into the curriculum appropriate courses: infectious diseases in southern countries, medicinal plants for subtropical zone, pharmacological aspects of the pharmaceutical market of foreign countries.

Faculty of Drug Industrial Technology trains highly qualified engineers-bio-technologists in the following directions: pharmaceutical bio-technology; pharmaceutical chemical technology; production technology on pharmaceuticals and nature-derived products.

At present a number of the Academy graduates hold supervisory posts in the Public Health Service and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in leading research centers and institutes, own largest cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, chemist's shops and other pharmaceutical enterprises in different countries of the world.

The following bodies of the Academy provide assistance to foreign students to get easier curriculum admission:

Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate training is important for those foreign students who are seeking the admission to the Academy but are not fluent in Russian language. Courses are helpful also for those who are looking for other study opportunities in Russia, especially in medical and pharmaceutical professions. Undergraduate students study Russian language, fundamentals of biology, chemistry and other basic disciplines, get acquainted with Russian culture and traditions. The duration of study is 10 months.

Department of the Russian Language

The Russian language course (3-10 months of study) is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as associated program to get qualification of professional Russian language translator or Russian language teacher with duration of study of 1-2 years. 


Two modern hostels are available for students with dormitory-type rooms for two (single rooms are available at additional cost). The hostel is connected with the Academy by a direct metro extension (normally it takes about 25 minutes to get to the Academy).


A great number of shops with high quality food, both home-produced and imported are available in St. Petersburg. At the Academy there are a canteen and a cafe where you can have a lunch for a reasonable price. You can also visit more expensive restaurants and try international cuisine. Furthermore, students can cook their specialties by themselves in the hostel.


St.Petersburg is a traditionally religion-tolerant city, representatives of different denominations have been living here for centuries. Russian Orthodox Church is predominating, but a lot of temples, cathedrals and churches of other Christian denominations are also available.

There are more than 500 thousand people who profess Islam live in St.Petersburg and there are several mosques available in the city. For Muslim students a special room in the hostel is set aside for prayers.

Synagogues and Buddhist temple are available as well.


Each foreign student must have a medical insurance. There are a lot of highly qualified physicians in the city, first and emergency medical service is highly developed. There is a medical aid station in the hostel, where foreign students are provided with medical service free of charge. There is also a dental surgery at the Academy and students are provided with dental service at a discount.


As any other big city St.Petersburg is not free from a number of criminal elements. Even so, it does not apply to the Academy and hostels, provided with own security service.


You can buy goods of all brands in numerous malls, hypermarkets and “haute couture” boutiques as well.


the best pharmaceutical education in Russia in 5 years;

availability of Undergraduate training helps you to be enrolled;

you are guaranteed a place at the Academy;

you pay very reasonable and affordable fee without any hidden costs;

you will have unlimited excess to excellent learning, counseling library, health and sports services;

you will study in a traditional European City - in the centre of education, culture and history.