Preparatory Department

The education at Preparatory Department is a full-time educational course aimed to prepare foreign students for further education in main specialties (Pharmacy and Medical        (Health) Science).  All educational Programs are accredited by the official accreditation body in Russian Federation - Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.

 The Program of study includes:

Russian language course (General/Academic Russian and Russian for special purposes – Biology, Chemistry, Physics). Pre-university training program in basic subjects given in   Russian language: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Informatics, Biology.

            Organization of studies

The classes begin from October, 1. The groups are formed according to the date of arrival.

Applicants having basic knowledge of Russian language are included in group according to their language level.

The academic year lasts for 8 to 10 months and is divided into autumn and spring terms. Usually, students have classes 6 hours each day, Monday to Friday and Saturday (4 hours)-  for a total of 34 classroom hours, with an instructor, each week.

            Conditions for graduation:

- finishing of complete pre-university course

- clearing of the final exams (Russian – oral and written, Biology, Chemistry).

           Certificates and possibilities of further studies for graduates:

After successful completion of Preparatory course students receive Certificate of Preparatory Department Graduation, which gives possibility to apply to the 1st year of Higher Pharmaceutical  and Medical Schools in Russia.

Graduates from SPCPA Preparatory Department are admitted to the 1st year of  SPCPA without passing of the Admission Tests